Jan 11

The Revenant Wins Top Awards for Golden Globes 2016

golden globes 2016

The Golden Globe Awards 2016 just concluded, giving top awards to The Revenant.  The nominees for Golden Globes 2016 did show some expected winners, but some of them I really feel were not deserved.  Of course, I’m not going to be as crass as host Ricky Gervais who made the award show uncomfortably funny as expected.  Leonardo Di Caprio receives his 2nd Best Actor for drama award, along with Alejandro Inarritu as Best Director and The Revenant snagging the Best Picture award.

Other winners include Brie Larson as Best Actress for Drama in The Room and Matt Damon as Best Actor for Comedy in The Martian.  Jennifer Lawrence taking the Best Actress Award for Comedy has become tiring at this point.  Seriously?  Hey, don’t get me wrong, JLaw is a good actress. But being better than all the other nominees every single year?  Now, she will really believe she is better than Meryl Streep.  I don’t even know how Joy was categorized in comedy.  I don’t even remember smiling the whole time I was watching.  At least Bradley Cooper wasn’t nominated this year.

As for television, I am glad that Mr. Robot received the drama award.  It was a TV series that shone brightly among dozens of wannabes last year.  But Jon Hamm taking the actor award instead of Rami Malek was a bit of disappointment.  Malek was equally brilliant and I can’t imagine him now being anyone else other than the schizo Elliot.  Newbies do have  a hard time getting a win for their first award and Christian Slater getting the nod for Best Supporting Actor in Drama confirms that theory.  But if Malek does not get the award next year, it will be a travesty.

My final rant for undeserved award goes to Lady Gaga.  Ok, I stopped watching American Horror Story several weeks ago.  But I’ve seen enough single facial expression from Gaga to know she was even lucky to be nominated.  Really? Whether she was having sex or simply talking, Lady Gaga has the same indifferent facial expression in AHS.  C’mon people.  She is a great musician.  But an actress? Ugh. At least for that award, I agree with Gervais that it was no better than a doorstop.

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