Jan 13

Disappointing Pilot for Shadowhunters


After watching the pilot episode of the TV series version of Mortal Instruments Shadowhunters, the inclination to read the books is still nowhere for me, not even a tingle.  It’s even worse than the movie.  The first time I saw Clary appear on the show, the first thing I can think of is why she is wearing a wig. Then Katherine McNamara spoke for the first time and I just knew they chose the wrong actor again.  And it didn’t help that barely none of the other characters can make up for the unappealing protagonist.  What’s with those ridiculous shoes?  I find it crazy to see female characters that need to do a lot of running and fighting wearing 3-inch platform boots.  Don’t they see how funny the character looks while running?  The shoes that Clary was wearing looked like they were heavier than both her legs.

I haven’t even gotten to Jace.  At least Jamie Campbell Bower’s version in the movie was hot.  Dominic Sherwood’s acting was abysmal, to say the least.  He would’ve done a better job as one of the villains.  Put Sherwood and McNamara together and I just watched the worst chemistry between 2 characters ever.

Then I kinda hoped that Alan Van Sprang as Valentine might be the better character among the lot.  Or not.  He was so far off the electrifying performance of Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the movie.  Meyers was the only saving grace of the movie and it was a tall order to match for Sprang.  This is absolutely a disappointing turn out and I had such high hopes for the series.  Can this snoozefest be saved? I don’t really know.  Can they re-cast the entire show? Oh, they can leave Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood in the show.  Too bad he had only 3 lines or so in the pilot.

Will I give it another chance?  Maybe.  I literally fell asleep halfway through the episode.  I had to re-watch it to write this review.  Bottomline?  This pilot episode of Shadowhunters feels like the producers scrimped on every cent to get these characters. This lot is the weakest I have seen in a long time.  And they said The Shannara Chronicles was bad.  Trust me, it was 10 times better than this adaptation.   My next review will be on the first few episodes of Shannara  . . . can’t wait to see the rest of that show.


Started watching the 2nd episode of Shadowhunters, hoping to find a silver lining.  Nada — it was even worse. Couldn’t even finish it. Please, someone tell Katherine McNamara to stop acting and find another day job.

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