Feb 13

Most Beautiful Celebrity Homes

celebrity homes

Aside from my love of movies and television, one thing I must admit to enjoy looking at are celebrity homes.  I don’t know why I do it.  Maybe it’s the need to feast my eyes on something I know I may never own.  Or maybe it’s the fascination most common folks have over these celebrities and their personal lives.  We try to find out how they are like when they are at home like us.

But when we do look at their homes, we realize it’s nothing like ours.  Most of the time, celebrity homes are painted in white stucco with pristine furniture and fixtures.  They are not like us.  The homes we see look like nobody has sat on the living rooms or slept on the beds.  My faves are those that look like someone has cared for it.  I hate those bright white sofas that look like I’d be afraid to sit on them or those home theaters that seem like nobody has even sat on the leather seats.  Here are my favorites.

Jennifer Lawrence’s home in Hidden Hills, California ($8.2 million)




Mel Gibson’s Connecticut Tudor-style Mansion (sold for $24 million)






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