Feb 16

The Walking Dead: One-Eyed Chandler

Chandler one eye

Spoiler alert! Stop reading if you haven’t seen Season 6 Episode 9 of The Walking Dead.

Just when I was beginning to grow tired of The Walking Dead, the second part of season 6 had me biting my nails.  And when the zombie started eating the young boy, my hand was over my face as I desperately tried to stop myself from watching.  Of course, nothing beats the moment when Chandler turns around to call his dad, right eye socket devoid of any eyeball as blood oozes down his face.  OMG!

While many anticipated this happening for a while now since it was a part of the graphic novel, I wasn’t prepared for it.  I was just given hints that Chandler will be the only one left standing.  And when Rick starts his suicide run, I was bracing myself for more carnage.  Luckily, the remaining casualties were the zombies.  The fact that no one else died during their zombie frenzy was impossible.  But I’m fine with no one else dying.

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