Mar 04

Leonardo di Caprio Wins Oscars! Finally!!

leonardo wins oscars

After Alejandro Inarritu won Best Director, I was barely breathing when it was time for Best Actor.  Is this the year that Leo finally wins?  Yes!!! Leonardo di Caprio finally bags the Best Actor award in Oscars 2016 with The Revenant.  Following years of being consistently nominated and losing to other actors, Leo now gets the recognition he deserves.  My bias for Leo has nothing to do with a lingering teenage crush over Titanic.  With so many crap movies coming out year after year, someone who manages to come out in really great movies deserves a win, not to mention the fact that Leo really is a good actor.

As for Best Actress, I’m really glad that Jennifer Lawrence did not get it this year.  Brie Larson gets the Oscar this year with her brilliant performance in The Room.  Luckily, the category is not split into comedy and drama like the Golden Globes. Otherwise, they’d probably place Joy under comedy too just to give Jlaw an Oscar.   If she won again, she will really start believing she is better than Meryl Streep. Thankfully, Bradley Cooper was not nominated this year too.  Seeing that pair on the nominee list for movies I didn’t enjoy was starting to get old.

The surprise win of the night was Best Picture for Spotlight.  I did see the movie and I think it’s not bad. But many felt that The Revenant was a shoe-in.  Along with The Big Short, I feel those 3 movies are on equal footing and it would still be a good win if it turned out to be either of the other 2 movies.

Well, here’s looking forward to more great movies this year.


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