Apr 22

Coulson is Definitely Toxic

coulson sings toxic

Just watched Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) of Shield lip sync Britney’s Toxic in full garb.  It was the best Lip Sync Battle performance I have seen — even funnier than Channing Tatum’s Who Run the World.  What made it truly epic was the fact that Clark performed with no hesitation and inhibition despite the fact that he was no dancer.  It was hilarious ha ha ha.

Hayley Atwell did a good job choosing Lady Gaga. But there was no way she was winning over Clark Gregg’s performance. Clark did take home the belt and made up for Team Shield’s loss in the Dubsmash wars against Team Carter.

Since I saw the ad for the battle, I couldn’t wait. And the full performance did not disappoint.  Agent Phil Coulson shook his booty!! Here’s the sneak preview for you, but go watch the whole thing.

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