May 03

Game of Thrones S6E2: He’s Alive!

jon snow lives

For many of us, there was never any doubt that Jon Snow would live again.  I’m talking about fans who have not read the book.  Those who have read the book have an idea what is yet to come.  Before this episode, there were several theories how Jon would be resurrected.  The last scene finally confirmed that the Red Witch would have a hand in Jon’s resurrection.  The question we are now hoping to get answered in the next episode is, “is he still the same Jon Snow from last season?”

But I do find it more interesting to find out how Daenerys’ story pans out.  How does she get out of the predicament she found herself in now?   Tyrion taking off the dragon’s chains and asking them not to eat the help was particularly amusing.  And realizing in the end that the act was more stupid than courageous is reminiscent of the old antics he pulled off prior to his exile.

In this episode, we also see a different perspective of evil in Ramsey Bolton.  Joffrey now appears tame compared to Ramsey.  I doubt Joffrey can even contemplate feeding a newborn to dogs.  Just when we thought seeing Joffrey choke and die was satisfying, now I can’t wait to see how Ramsey meets his end.

Once again, the story is moving in various directions for the numerous characters in the series.  Will there be time for winter to come this season? Or will it be in season 7 yet before winter finally comes?


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