May 22

Outcast: Another Masterpiece from Robert Kirkman

outcast pilot

There is no other insect that creeps me out more than a cockroach. When the first shot of the pilot episode of the new tv series Outcast flashed on the screen, I said to myself . . . “who figured the very first shot of a new TV series should be a close-up of the most gross insect in the world?!”  I thought it was going to be another one of those new series that would be lucky to finish season 1.  Then the head butt came.  And what followed made me turn away because I thought it might make me throw up.  Woohoo! I’m gonna love this show!  This is gonna be freakin’ awesome!

After numerous disappointments I’ve seen the past months, I didn’t think there was still a new tv series coming out that was worthy of my attention.  I just stopped checking what was coming out.  Looks like when I stopped anticipating, something really cool comes along.  I started watching Outcast without any knowledge of what to expect.  I’ve almost forgotten how it feels to be pleasantly surprised.

I did my research now and Outcast is based on a comic series by Robert Kirkman, the same creator of  TWD (The Walking Dead).  Apparently, the TV series was picked up a week after the first issue of the comic series was released in stores.  And it was already renewed for a second season before the official debut on June 3, 2016.  Please . . . don’t be a flash in the pan.  Since the pilot we saw is an early online release, it will take a few more weeks for us to watch episode 2.  What torture!

I’m not giving out any spoilers apart from the cockroach scene.  But it’s about a young boy who has been surrounded by demon possessions since he was a kid.  We don’t realize this until later in the show because we are first introduced to the adult Kyle Barnes with the messed up life.  As the story unravels, we soon find out what he is up against.

I love that the show is fast-paced.  No having the audience wait around to find out secrets.  It just plunged us head on and we discover something on the pilot episode immediately.  The characters are believable right off the bat.  No one seems out of place and the possessed boy was creepy as hell. Patrick Fugit plays the main protagonist, Kyle, and his acting was solid.  I’ve already seen it twice just to watch those scenes that I missed when I covered my eyes the first time. I knew when the scary scenes were coming and prepared myself the second time.

Here’s to hoping this is not just a great pilot and the series is all hype.  Can hardly wait for episode 2.

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