Jun 11

Outcast Season 1 Episode 2 Review: (I Remember) When She Loved Me

kyle barnes and mom

The TV series version of Robert Kirkman’s Outcast continues to keep me excited with its second episode.  Episode 2 now gives us more insight into Kyle’s past as it reveals the tragedy of how the love between him and his mother was touched by evil.  We see more of Kyle’s happy days with his mom and how it evolved when she became possessed.  Unlike the pilot episode, there were no brutal or violent scenes.  Instead, it is a somber episode that let’s the audience learn about Kyle’s childhood.  

It shows us Kyle as a young boy who loves his mom dearly.  The brutality comes as an afterthought when we realize what he lost at a young age.  As the show progresses, we realize Kyle as an adult is still that little boy trying to bring his mother back.  Of course, we know that every hero will need to suffer.  He fails in bringing back his comatose mom, but we know he will keep trying.

After the heart-jumping we experienced in the pilot, the series brings our pulse down in episode 2 as they bring depth to Kyle’s character.  Despite the slow pace, it had my attention on every single second.  There is no question now that Robert Kirkman is a master storyteller.  He knows how to bring us into another world that is unfamiliar, yet familiar enough for us to understand and sympathize. My kudos too to the other writers and directors who brought this comic book series to life.

P.S. I love that scene with Kyle’s bicycle eaten up by the tree.  It’s a reminder of the day he lost his childhood and how  it was eaten up over the years.

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