Jul 14

Preacher: The Path to Jesse Custer’s Church Less Cluttered

preacher tv series

The last 3 episodes of Preacher (TV series) is becoming less jumbled to me now as compared to the first few episodes.  When I watched the pilot and the following episodes, it was like watching a pinball bouncing off around a maze where the only objective is not to fall down the drain.  The story jumped from one character to another with no clear indication on how they are connected.  For people like me who have not read the comic book series, the show was simply flashing pictures of characters to our faces.  And I see so many good reviews on the web saying how it was probably the best show on TV at the moment.  I tried to watch the pilot again a few more times, but it just will not hold my attention.  I felt the first few episodes were specifically targeted for people who have read the comic book series.

Since I continue to see people raving about the show, I persisted and continued to watch despite the confusion.  It finally paid off and I’m beginning to get a clearer picture of the story.  Now we understand better why Jesse is desperate to believe that he is meant to be the carrier of Genesis.  Yet, in episode 7, we see him doubting his power to control other people’s behavior as he accidentally send’s Arseface to hell in anger.  Despite justifying that Arseface deserves to be sent to hell, he knows deep inside that he may not be in full control and Genesis is not something to be trifled with.

At this point, I am still on the fence whether this is something I enjoy watching or not. Narcissism is my least favorite characteristic.  While I admire Jesse’s commitment to redeem himself for past mistakes, believing that controlling other people is the answer is totally way off.  Even the vampire Cassidy has enough sense to realize how dangerous Genesis can be.

Let’s see how everything plays out and hopefully it continues to become more interesting as the season progresses.  If you ask me, Yoda may be the only one to set Jesse Custer on the right path :-).

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