Nov 22

Fantastic Beasts Brings Back the Magic


After enjoying Doctor Strange just a few weeks ago, it is such a rare thrill to watch another movie that keeps me riveted to the screen.  JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them makes up for all the lackluster movies we have seen this year.  It’s awesome to finally see the wizarding world outside of Hogwarts.

The truth is, I’ve always felt the Harry Potter movies did not do much justice to JKR’s books.  I always felt they never captured the wonder I felt while reading the books.  With no actual story behind this film, the movie gave JKR more room to let her imagination run wild.  What we wanted to see more in Harry Potter movies we saw in Fantastic Beasts.  We see more magical creatures, more action, and better humor.  

newt-suitcaseAnd I totally disagree with some comments about Eddie Redmayne’s character being unlikable.  Of all the characters I’ve seen Redmayne play, Newt Scamander was the perfect fit.  He played the awkward animal loving author brilliantly.  Some felt the character was inept and thoughtless as he endangered the lives of people in New York.  Seriously?!  I don’t think he caused even a tenth of the mayhem and destruction that the Avengers caused in New York.  Can you imagine the movie without his adventures with Kowalski as they tried to get back the escaped creatures?  I loved the scenes with the niffler and the erumpent.  And if there was one wish a genie would ask of me, it would be to get inside that amazing suitcase.


I am a Harry Potter fan and always will be.  But even I have to admit that another movie with Harry, Hermione, and Ron is now old and bedraggled.  I’ve read and seen Hogwarts too many times.  I want more.  And Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them delivered.  The actors played their part to perfection.  It’s sad to think that we may not see Ezra Miller again in the next 4 movies in the franchise.  Yet there is more to look forward to as we eagerly await Johnny Depp playing as Grindelwald.  I am likewise confident they will find the perfect young Dumbledore.

Once again, my hats off to the imagination of JK Rowling.  I never doubted there was still more magic in you.  With an opening weekend of $75 million for Fantastic Beasts, I am certain many will agree.

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