Feb 27

La La Land Wins Best Picture . . . Almost (Whew!)

oscars 2017

Was that Steve Harvey announcing the Oscar Best Picture winner? Oh, it’s Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty.  This time, the victims are the crew of La La Land as they cheer and go up the stage to take the honor, only to find out Beatty was given the wrong card and the true Best Picture winner is Moonlight.  That’s another one for the books.  I sank on my seat when I heard La La Land.  I would’ve cheered for any other movie except La La Land.  I don’t think it was even worth the nomination.  It was mediocre and flat. Ryan did look cool dancing . . . but it wasn’t enough to win me over. It was still a meh movie to me. Any chance Emma Stone’s win was also a misread? Aw shucks!

I was actually rooting for Manchester by the Sea.  It’s a simple story but it’s amazing how it stays with you long after the day is over.  I’m so happy that Casey Affleck took home the Oscar for Best Actor.  The subtlety and honesty of his portrayal was amazing.  The entire time I was watching I only saw the character and sympathized with his plight.  There was no overacted anguish nor was there any dragging of heels to show the character’s inner despair.  I think Affleck portrayed the role perfectly as a man who made the most stupid mistake in his life, yet finding the strength to continue breathing everyday.  How does one recover from something like that?  While we are shocked at the consequences of his stupidity, we know it could happen to any one of us.

On the other hand, Emma Stone really got lucky this year, just like she said in her speech.  No way she could’ve even stood a chance if Viola Davis or Nicole Kidman were in her category.  Meryl Streep has already won too much and her movie was a snoozefest.  I didn’t even make it past the 30 minute mark before thinking I had better use of my time if I had a pedicure instead.  And the academy finally realized the Oscars will go on even if JLaw was not nominated Best Actress. This year, the Best Actress award felt like it was a coin toss if Streep was not considered.

Well, another Oscar year is over and the only thing memorable is the Best Picture brouhaha.  At least people will remember this one forever.  What year was it that Casey Affleck won Best Actor?  Oh, it’s that year when La La Land was made to believe they won, but it was actually Moonlight that did.

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