Jun 06

Wonder Woman’s Strong Start Fizzles at the End

Gal Gadot

Not since Christopher Nolan’s Batman series have there been such hype for a DC superhero movie.  Gal Gadot was perfect as Wonder Woman and her appearance in Batman vs. Superman was probably the best part of that movie.  The first part of the movie was absolutely breathtaking.  Never have women been portrayed with such beauty and strength.  It was no wonder the Amazonians brought out the best and worst from audiences.  These gorgeous women were so stunning that sexists and chauvinists couldn’t even restrain themselves to hide their true nature.  

There have been uproar from readers where reviews focus on the physical attributes of Gadot while those on the other side of the fence insult the sexist accusations as those coming from overly sensitive people or those unable to read.  Let’s just say then that an island with only beautiful women clad in sexy armor was too much for most men.  Do we really expect boys to behave when presented with such visual stimuli? I am a mom of 3 kids and I was in awe of the Amazonians.  It would’ve taken too much effort for men to rein it in.

One of the biggest surprises for me was Robin Wright as Antiope.  Wow! She is 50 years old??  She was more of a bad-ass than Diana.  Robin Wright looked absolutely flawless in her fight scenes.  They were not exaggerating when Antiope was dubbed the greatest warrior of all time.  It was such a delight watching her destroy the soldiers.

Robin Wright in Wonder Woman

After the island scenes, everything else felt dull.  So, the boys started nitpicking on Gal Gadot, whining about everything.  Even the CGI was not as good when Diana left the island.  But my biggest complaint is that the villain was not nearly  sinister enough.  The final fight scene was a disappointment.

While Wonder Woman fell flat after an exciting start, it was better than some of the shows from the DC universe.  I think I’d enjoy a movie about the Amazonians though.  I can almost imagine the chaos it would trigger from social media.  Now, the big question is . . . will Justice League be good enough?

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