Aug 16

Game of Thrones Season 7: Fire and Ice vs Death

khaleesi and king of the north

I didn’t think that Jon Snow was a likable hero. I always felt he was weak. But Season 7 of the Game of Thrones has proven me wrong. Episode after episode, he has grown on me.  Unlike Dani, Jon’s character development was quite slow.  Now that we are almost at the end, I find myself rooting for him and scared for his safety.

I now fear for Jon Snow’s safety as much as Dani and her dragons. With just 2 episodes to go before the penultimate season ends, I am beginning to feel the coming wait again. The season started with a victory from Arya.  Will it end with a dreadful loss?

After episode 5, we are now certain of the characters belonging to which side. We do know that Jon is not vying for the iron throne.  He seeks to destroy an enemy greater than Cersei to protect the entire Westeros.  His cause is much more noble than everyone elses.  But can he pull Dani to his side?  We all know the answer to that.  We have seen how Dani looks at him now.

I’d like to reveal parts of what I’ve watched in episode 6, but I will not ruin it for those who stay true to watch the official release on Sunday.  It is no different than other episodes — we wish it would never end because it leaves us in fear, doubt, grief, and hope.  But there is one thing I fear more than any other — the last episode of Season 8.

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