Jun 09

Sense8 Finale: Amor Vincit Omnia

I know I have been away for a long time.  Aside from work, I had new challenges in life I had to face. But if there was anything that would bring me back, it was Sense8.

When Netflix announced Sense8 would no longer be continued after season 2, I was heartbroken.  I really loved the series, the concept, and most especially the characters.  I was hooked on Sun  and Lito, my fave characters.  I couldn’t believe I would not see them again.  I loved how Sun was such a badass despite all the difficulties she was facing.  And I loved how Lito was such a drama queen that never failed to make me laugh. I was glad to know I wasn’t alone.  A lot of fans clamored for more.  I was among those that signed the petition to  revive the series.

Even with the petition, Netflix could not give in to a season 3.  Apparently, each episode costs approximately $9 million, considering that the Wachowskis will not allow CGI for the different scenes in different countries.   Each shot in India, Iceland, UK, Kenya, Mexico, Korea, Germany, and the US were authentic.   Fortunately, they gave fans closure by agreeing to feature a 2-hour finale for the series.  I wanted another season, but a proper finale was better than the cliffhanger they left us with from season 2.

The advantage of this Sense8 ending only after 2 seasons is that it never goes downhill.  Season 2 was fantastic and I will always remember it as one of the greats that ended too soon.  It’s not going the route of The Walking Dead . . . I just stopped watching and forgot all about it after 3 episodes in season 8.  I couldn’t bear watching anymore and I had no idea why I suddenly grew tired of it.  Surprisingly, I was not the only one.  Well, Sense8 retired at its best.  And I will always envy those who never had the chance to watch it and will have 2 seasons to binge.

Why do I love it so much?  It’s a feel good series through and through.  It’s cheesy and badass at the same time.  But I believe it appealed to those who gave it a chance because it’s about 8 different people from different parts of the globe that will never be alone (unless of course all 7 die and 1 lives).  And the skill of each one will not leave you wanting more.  They are not simply linked telepathically.  It’s the ability of all 8 people to exist in each body, depending on the skill needed at the moment. Do you need someone to protect you from muggers or bullies?  Sun or Will or Wolfgang will always be there for you.  Did you leave the keys to your house or your car?  Piece of cake for Wolfgang.  How about a hacker?  Nomi and her sidekicks will be there.

Long story short, it’s a series that not only allows a diverse audience to identify with the different characters, but likewise allows the audience to fantasize about true love, loyalty, friendship, and family.  When I talk about diversity, I mean literal diversity.  These 8 people are of different nationalities and genders.  I believe its liberal concept may have been a reason it was not as accepted by many people as it should be.  So, if you have a violent adverse reaction to gay sex, orgies, and even open marriage, Sense8 may not be for you.  The story doesn’t revolve around these controversial subjects, but there are such scenes in the series.  They were tastefully done, but I understand it may still be uncomfortable for some people.

Let me end this post by saying that after watching the 2-hr finale, I am happy and sad at the same time.  I will miss Sun and Lito so much.  But what makes me really sad is that I will no longer be able to escape into their world where I will never be afraid to walk dark alleys and never feel I am alone.



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