Feb 08

Supernatural 300th Episode: Winchester Reunion

Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Emotional episodes are quite rare for the long-running Supernatural.  For its 300th episode, John Winchester (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) returns to spend a memorable dinner with his family.  What makes the episode bittersweet is that it gives John the chance to likewise spend precious moments with his wife Mary who died when Sam was still a baby.  The first time John and Mary see each other was absolutely touching.

My relationship with the tv series Supernatural is quite unusual.  I don’t go gaga over it and I certainly don’t think it’s something to talk about with friends.  But I still manage to spend time every week to watch an episode without growing tired of it after 14 seasons.  I am not really sure what it is about this series that makes it endearing to its audience.  It’s like an old pillow you’ve had for years but you do not have the heart to throw away.

Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

So, what is special about Supernatural?  Where many have failed, Supernatural has become one of those favored few that has reached its 14th season.  I believe it’s because of the diversity in its episodes.  It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and yet it still manages to show us the value of family and friendship at its finest.  Dean and Sam have already died a few times.  They have also gone dark more than once.  Yet, we are confident they will come out of it unscathed to give us a happy ending.

While others thrive on having to kill a cast every season, there have only been a few deaths in Supernatural.  And even if a character dies, we have faith we will see that character again soon in a weird Deus Ex Machina twist episode.  There is no pressure to make the story logical or viable.  It can use magic, time travel, powerful charms or spells, and whatever works to come up with a circumstance that would otherwise be cliche, corny, or stupid.  Yet, we take everything with a grain of salt and we are not surprised with whatever weird plot they can conjure.

John Winchester gets a chance to hold the love of his life again.

This 300th episode is not complicated.  It involves a pearl used by Dean to try and fix the Michael problem in his head.  The pearl should make the desires of your heart come true.  But like before, Dean ended up bringing his father from 2003 into the present 2019.  Father and sons catch up on everything that has happened since 2003 with the cherry on top having John Winchester hear Mary arriving on the bunker.  Of course, unlike the revival of their mother, John’s arrival was not an act of God.  It involved time.  And whenever time is involved, it can’t stick because the whole timeline goes haywire.  To fix the timeline, John only has time to have dinner with his wife and sons.  Got all teary-eyed in this episode.  But here’s to hoping that John returns in another twist of fate soon . . .

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