Apr 06

The Blacklist Season 6: Aram and Samar

By this time, Blacklist fanatics probably know that Samar is gone.  I don’t think it was planned because it was Mozhan Marno who requested to be taken off the show.  In the dark world of The Blacklist, Aram and Samar have always been the silver lining — that small ray of light that makes us still believe everything will turn out right in the end.  In a lot of long-running tv series, we see characters like that — Fitz & Simmons on Shield, Captain Awesome and Ellie on Chuck, Nolan Ross on Revenge . . and so on.  These characters support our heroes and no matter how bad it gets, we have faith nothing bad will happen to them. 

Unfortunately, in The Blacklist, they had no option but to turn off that little ray of sunshine for us.  In Season 6 Episode 14, Samar decides to leave the Mossad but eventually becomes a target to eliminate any loose ends.  While Aram decides to leave everything behind to run away with Samar, it was a different story for Samar.  She knows that Aram will follow her to the ends of the earth no matter what, even with her deteriorating mental health.  To be able to get him to walk away, she tricks Aram into going to the task force to ask help for their new identities.  Instead of meeting him on their agreed spot, Red arrives with news that she is gone.

I have been watching The Blacklist for years now.  But no scene has ever made me cry like a baby.  Aram and Samar’s goodbye was only over the phone.  Samar explains that the only way she can be happy is knowing that he is safe.  When Aram says with his voice breaking, “Who will take care of you if I am not there?”, I just lost it.  It was the most heartbreaking scene I have seen in years.  Even after his acceptance in Episode 15, I am still heartbroken.  Every other character in that show can get hurt at any time and I can take it.  But not Aram.  His only superpowers are his computer skills and his kindness.  Without a hint of brawn, he single-handedly saves Samar’s life in Season 5.  No, he does not deserve to get his heart crushed this way.  Red can say any justification,  I will always believe there is a way for them to stay together.  Instead of separating them, Samar could’ve just continued with her retirement and they get married.  We didn’t need to see Samar after that — as long as we see Aram is happy.

Not really sure why, but I always root and fall for the nerdy guy on the show.  I like that shy guy who saves the day without even flexing a muscle or using force and violence.  More often than not, these are the guys that are braver than everyone else.  The ones who fall so deeply in love, they would abandon all hope and reason just to be with that one person they love.  Remember in Shield how Fitz just jumped into the portal to another world without a care in the world to save Simmons?  Or how he decided that it is Simmons that gets the oxygen when they were trapped under the ocean in a container van to die?  That’s my guy.  Aram is exactly the same.  And it is unforgivable that they took away his one true love.

It has been difficult to watch The Blacklist this season.  It’s not the same as it used to be and I don’t see anything new anymore.  With Aram and Samar broken, it’s even going to be harder to watch.  Maybe if the series finale brings Aram and Samar back together, I might consider watching again.  But for now, I will sign off.  My heart is in pieces.


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