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Nov 13

Stan Lee Dies at 95

stan lee dead

One of the things my kids and I love about the Marvel Universe are the iconic cameos of the great Stan Lee in all the Marvel movies.  A few seconds and a short line is all we need to make us smile.  The last time we saw him was at the Infinity War, playing a school bus driver where Spidey jumped off to join Ironman and Dr. Strange.  It’s a sad morning for me and my kids because we just saw the news that Stan Lee has passed away.

News reports indicate he was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in an ambulance where he died. Stan Lee has been battling different illnesses over the years, including pneumonia and vision problems.  It’s sad to think that the last cameo we may ever see is from the last installment of the Infinity War.

Along with thousands and thousands of fans, we grieve the loss of one of the most brilliant and imaginative people God has given this world.  If I were asked for a talent that could change the world, I would choose to have his.  After all the awesome and incredible stories he created and all the movies inspired by him, his loss feels like the loss of a family.  We will forever be grateful for the joy he has brought me and my family.  Stan, may your next adventure be as awesome and fantastic as the one you just ended.


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Jul 27

Castle Rock: Ending TV’s Mediocre Streak

Hulu Castle Rock

Except for Season 2 of Stranger Things, there had been nothing really good on TV for the past months.  I didn’t think this mediocre streak would end until the last season of Game of Thrones.  It was quite a pleasant surprise to discover Hulu’s Castle Rock.  Produced by Warner Bros. and JJ Abram’s Bad Robot, Castle Rock is a psychological horror story set in Stephen King’s scary and mysterious universe. ( Read more )

Jun 09

Sense8 Finale: Amor Vincit Omnia

I know I have been away for a long time.  Aside from work, I had new challenges in life I had to face. But if there was anything that would bring me back, it was Sense8.

When Netflix announced Sense8 would no longer be continued after season 2, I was heartbroken.  I really loved the series, the concept, and most especially the characters.  I was hooked on Sun  and Lito, my fave characters.  I couldn’t believe I would not see them again.  I loved how Sun was such a badass despite all the difficulties she was facing.  And I loved how Lito was such a drama queen that never failed to make me laugh. I was glad to know I wasn’t alone.  A lot of fans clamored for more.  I was among those that signed the petition to  revive the series. ( Read more )