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Dec 24

iPhone 6 Coming in May 2014?

iPhone 5 vs 5S
You just came from the Apple store and now excitedly unwrapping your new iPhone 5S. After configuring everything like your iPhone 5, you browse the net to find out how you can dress up your new toy, something stops you dead in your tracks — “Apple to release iPhone 6 in a few months.”  If you’re contemplating hitting your head with your new baby, don’t.  There’s probably no significant improvement with the rumored new iPhone — check out the difference with the iPhone 5 versus the iPhone 5S.

Samsung Flexible Display

No, it’s not going to have that curved display that Samsung has been floating around with the Galaxy Round.  But it is rumored to be bigger than any iPhone ever released.  Looks like Apple is trying to get in on the phablet trend — though unlikely to be as big as the Galaxy Note, it is said to be in the 5-inch range.  Rumors estimate the release of the iPhone 6 by May 2014.  Apple has never released iPhone models this close to each other and will most certainly affect the current sales of the iPhone 5S.

To fanboys and fangirls, this is a nightmare.  For someone like me, it’s just another excuse why I still haven’t bought my first iPhone — just heard the new one is coming out soon, will wait for it. :-))

Happy holidays  to everyone.  Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to us all!

P.S.  Thanks to Google for the Christmas gift — Certified Blogaholic is back to PR1!! Wooohooo!  To those so-called SEO experts who say that a PR Nada is a deathbed, find another freakin job . . .  

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Jun 09

New (and Weird) Technology that Make Us Go Ooooohhh

I know . . . my blog has been on hiatus for months.  I guess I was too busy working and found nothing news-worthy that would pry my eyes off work.  The shooting of pre-school kids in Newton was too depressing . . . Miley Cyrus in her “look-at-me” get-ups can’t even get me to click the link to view it . . . and Michael Douglas claiming oral sex caused his throat cancer is just outright ridiculous.  These are such ho-um news I think I almost forgot I had a blog.  I almost blogged about Game of Throne’s “The Rains of Castamere” episode last Sunday — but I was in such a shock that I couldn’t even think of a worthy title.   Now, I’ve decided I’m not reading the books until that awesome series is over.

So, what do I write about?  Let’s talk about the newest gadgets the 21st century has come up with in the past year or so.  Some are truly brilliant, while others are just simply uninspired ideas.  Yet, they manage to give us an idea what to look forward to in the next decade. ( Read more )

Feb 24

Sony Launches New Generation Console Playstation 4


After almost 7 years, Sony finally unboxed the much-awaited version of its gaming console, the Playstation 4.  Much like the iPhone, the new generation Playstation has been the subject of rumors and speculation over the years.  But unlike the iPhone that updates in just over a year, it took the Playstation several years before it came out with its new gaming console.

The new Playstation 4 will be powered by an X86 Jaguar AMD processor with a phenomenal 8 CPU cores.  It promises better graphics with an enhanced GPU and 8GB of GDDR5 RAM.  Along with the usual USB and HDMI ports comes a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.  However, the biggest innovation to the Playstation 4 is the DualShock 4 controllers equipped with a touchpad, a stereo camera for 3D position tracking, and buttons that will make interactive gaming more fun with friends.

While most gamers are now eager to get their hands on Sony’s new console, they may still need more time to wait.  The Playstation 4 is scheduled to launch just before the holidays this year.


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