Jun 06

Wonder Woman’s Strong Start Fizzles at the End

Gal Gadot

Not since Christopher Nolan’s Batman series have there been such hype for a DC superhero movie.  Gal Gadot was perfect as Wonder Woman and her appearance in Batman vs. Superman was probably the best part of that movie.  The first part of the movie was absolutely breathtaking.  Never have women been portrayed with such beauty and strength.  It was no wonder the Amazonians brought out the best and worst from audiences.  These gorgeous women were so stunning that sexists and chauvinists couldn’t even restrain themselves to hide their true nature.   ( Read more )

Mar 21

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review

I believe one of the best animated movies of all time is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in 1991. Even critics and the academy agree as it became the first animated movie to receive an Oscar Best Picture nomination, competing among the best such as JFK and The Silence of the Lambs.  The Silence of the Lambs was a formidable opponent and considered one of the best movies of all time. Had it competed on a year when nominees where mediocre at best (trust me we are seeing more of that lately), it would have stood a chance.

When Disney announced it was releasing a live action version of the movie, I could almost imagine all the things that can go wrong with it.  Of course, we all held hope that Disney would create magic once again.  Well, we finally saw the movie last weekend.  It was not a total disaster.  But it still could not hold a candle (or a candelabra ha ha ha) to the original animated movie. ( Read more )

Feb 27

La La Land Wins Best Picture . . . Almost (Whew!)

oscars 2017

Was that Steve Harvey announcing the Oscar Best Picture winner? Oh, it’s Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty.  This time, the victims are the crew of La La Land as they cheer and go up the stage to take the honor, only to find out Beatty was given the wrong card and the true Best Picture winner is Moonlight.  That’s another one for the books.  I sank on my seat when I heard La La Land.  I would’ve cheered for any other movie except La La Land.  I don’t think it was even worth the nomination.  It was mediocre and flat. Ryan did look cool dancing . . . but it wasn’t enough to win me over. It was still a meh movie to me. Any chance Emma Stone’s win was also a misread? Aw shucks! ( Read more )