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Mar 27

Michael Sarver Eliminated from American Idol 2009


The bottom 3 tonight in Season 8 of American Idol is Matt Giraud, Scott MacIntyre, and Michael Sarver. After 36 million votes, Sarver is eliminated from the competition. When judges were asked if he would be saved, Simon Cowell addressed the singer saying that it was a long time coming. Actually, I thought he should have been eliminated last week instead of Alexis Grace. He was lucky to have stayed on for another week.

Yesterday, Sarver performed “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” which sounded amateurish and it was pretty obvious he was not up to league with the rest of the contenders. I’m glad Megan Corkrey remained on the show after her horrible singing of “Once in My Life.” Simon said she should fire the person giving her advise on song choice. He was right because there are numerous Motown songs that would’ve perfectly fit her unique voice. I was actually expecting the genre to be up her alley and hoped she would overtake most yesterday.

Adam Lambert did acoustic with Tracks of My Tears which wasn’t so bad. Gokey likewise performed as expected, though I was hoping something spectacular from him too. Anoop did well too, but not outstanding. Yay, I was really looking forward to the Motown genre that night but none of the contenders made me hoot. Here’s a video of Adam, which was the best one for me among the rest.

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