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Sep 22

Angelina Divorces Brad Pitt

Pitt Family

It was all over the news — the fairy tale of Brangelina is over.  It was reported that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt on September 19, 2016, citing irreconcilable differences.  We knew something was different for several months now.  Angelina was thin as a reed and we have not seen them together in different events the way we used to see them.  Often, we see Brad alone, claiming that Angie was either sick or indisposed.  And when we do see them together, even with the kids, there is that grim look on both their faces — none of the smiles, whispers, or laughter we saw years ago. ( Read more )

May 28

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: Angelina & Brad’s Birthday Girl

shiloh jolie-pittAfter much ado about the engagement of the decade, I’d rather talk about something else about the couple’s life other than the engagement ring or wedding date.  Today marks the 6th birthday of  Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s cute little tomboy — Shiloh.  What I find quite interesting and adorable about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is her fashion choice.  While many little girls love wearing fluffy pink skirts and bejeweled ballet flats, Shiloh prefers her older brother’s rock t-shirt and cargo pants.  And wasn’t it just a while ago that she sported a boy’s hair cut that became quite the trend?

Even during her earlier years, Angelina admits that Shiloh loves raiding her brother’s closet.  Despite being hounded by hundreds of paparazzi, it’s good to know that the daughter of one of the most famous couples in the world is given the freedom to choose without caring what the world thinks.  There is no pressure to conform nor the need to look as glamorous as Mom.  Without those pouty lips, the picture may even be mistaken for an image of a younger Brad Pitt.

Hopefully, she stays as confident and sure about her choices after even more birthdays.   Besides, I doubt any other little girl can look as good in hand-me-downs than Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

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Jan 30

Angelina Jolie Wears Gown Backwards at SAG Awards


During the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards on Sunday, Angelina Jolie came with what many believe was the result of taking care of too many kids.  She wore a Max Azria gown, in cornflower blue, that seemed to be backwards.

However, Jen Rade, Jolie’s stylist, claims it was intentionally worn the other way around by the star.  Jolie reversed the gown on purpose to make it more “blouson” (blouse if you are not familiar with the French word).  Judging by the way it was presented in Azria’s Spring 2009 Collection, Jolie shouldn’t have trusted her own fashion sense.  The gown turned plain and ordinary when worn the other way around.  Is Jolie turning conservative, hesitating to show more skin?  Hopefully, she will wear something more eye-catching in the upcoming Oscars.

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