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Feb 12

Update on the Chris Brown and Rihanna Brawl

jingle bash show2 171208 The news on Chris Brown beating an unidentified woman still remains clouded in mystery a few days after Grammy night. Nevertheless, rumors seem to be trickling now and again. By now, the rumor that the woman Chris Brown allegedly mauled was girlfriend Rihanna seems almost 80% certain. Rihanna’s reps and relatives refuse to confirm, merely stating that the pop star is well and that she appreciates all the concern.

Since most of the details have yet been confirmed, these tidbits are still considered rumor and gossip. Sources say that Rihanna’s injuries were grave — forehead contusions, cut lips, and bite marks on the arms and fingers. Though initial reports say that the case against Brown is assault with a deadly weapon, it seems no specific weapon was used other than Brown’s skill in martial arts (though I’ve read jokes pertaining to an “Umbrella” being used).
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