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May 14

Danny Gokey Eliminated from American Idol Season 8

It’s final. The final competition in American Idol Season 8 will be between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. Apparently, Kris’ rendition of Heartless last night gave him the spot. Meanwhile, Danny’s lifeless performances the past weeks finally took its toll. Sympathy votes weren’t enough it seems. Yeah, we’re sorry for Danny’s loss. But this is a singing competition — and Kris has been outperforming him for so long already. Nevertheless, Danny’s vocal prowess cannot be denied, no matter how limited. It was a surprise though, considering it was only Danny who never made the bottom 3.

So, is Adam a shoe in now? We’ll have to see next week. There were 88 million votes for the final competition and it was reported that only 1 million votes separate the top 2 contenders. This begs the question — who will Danny’s fans vote for? I think if Adam doesn’t sing a slow one next week, he will be in big trouble. He will have to showcase his versatility for people to forget his questionable sexual preference. I honestly don’t care about his sexual orientation and I am absolutely certain he deserves the win. But we can’t forget that there are still millions of people out there who think differently. Many will still go for the gorgeous newly-wed who sings like Jason Mraz with those sexy eyes. Kris is gorgeous, but Adam is 100 times more talented. Go Adam!

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May 13

Adam Lambert Sails Through and Leaves Gokey and Allen in American Idol Season 8

Adam Lambert performs brilliantly during the top 3 competition in American Idol Season 8. He leaves Danny Gokey and Kris Allen lagging behind.

Adam sings “One” by U2 which was Simon Cowell’s choice for him. According to Simon, he asked permission from Bono to allow Adam to perform the song tonight. Bono replied that it would be their pleasure to have Adam sing the song.

I have updated the post with performances of Adam and Kris. Let’s skip Danny’s.

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May 07

Slash Mentors American Idol Top 4 in Rock & Roll

The remaining 4 contenders of American Idol Season 8 battled it out singing rock and roll. Slash mentored the contenders and, as expected, was impressed with Adam Lambert’s vocals. I also expected it to be difficult for Kris Allen and Danny Gokey as he genre was definitely out of their league. I was right.

Adam started off with an amazing performance of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.” Like I mentioned before, I don’t listen to hard rock songs. But I have to admit it was flawless and he sounded (and moved) like a seasoned rock star. The audience was on its feet after the song and he got rave reviews with Simon finishing off saying none of the other singers can top the performance.

This week, they also had the top 4 sing duets with Adam and Allison pairing off against the Kris and Danny tandem. What did you think? Of course, Adam and Allison trampled the other pair!

Needless to say, Kris did a mediocre solo of he Beatle’s “Come Together” which received bad reviews. However, what was unforgettable was Danny’s excruciating number. I can still remember how I cringed while listening to him struggle with the high notes of Aerosmith’s “Dream On.” OMG, that was a bad choice for him. What was he thinking?!

Anyway, here are my fave performances — Adam’s solo and his duet with Allison. Great job guys!

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