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Oct 12

Getting My Feet Wet in the Blogosphere

Three days to Certified Blogaholic’s first birthday, I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience with the newbies or those contemplating about getting their own blog. I am still considered a newbie after one year and hardly an expert on blogging. Still, this article may prove valuable to those who want a simpler approach to blogging. I will write my experience sans the complicated concepts of SEO (search engine optimization) or any other technical blabber about blogging.

For those still in the planning process of starting their blog or those still in their infant stages, you might want to consider first the actual purpose of the blog. This one was entirely built on the desire to make money from different opportunities in the web. At this point, I’m still uncertain if it’s a good idea to start a blog driven by that purpose. Yet, it’s an unavoidable truth. It would’ve given this entire article more drama if I told you the blog was born out of a need to share my thoughts or unorganized ramblings about the world. But it would be so far from the truth that even a 5-year old would know I’m lying. Ideally, starting a blog should be born out of a desire to share something to the world — a cooking expertise, a talent in finance or investment, a love for gadgets, or even tips on making a scrapbook or needlepoint. Whatever it is, it would be good if you have something unique to share the world.

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Jun 25

Passion for Writing

After almost 9 months of blogging, I think I am finally getting the hang of it. Sometimes I worry that it is taking too much of my time. However, at the moment, it is as important to me as water. Writing helps me cope with difficulties. My blog somehow gives me a sense of purpose — I know I am still where I am meant to be. One day, I look forward to reassuring myself that it is what I was intended to do.

Though I still have a lot to learn and professional bloggers out there may crinkle their nose at my work, I believe I will be able to fine tune everything in time. For those who love to write, I am encouraging you to try it. Some do it for the extra income, and yet there are those who do it simply because they love words and the way they dance together.

For newbies, you can try a free blog to get the feel of it. But sooner or later, it would still be best to get your own domain and website. Only then will you be able to call it your own. It would also be good to join blogging communities. Nothing in any blogging book or literature can teach you about blogging than those who have been there for years — those who genuinely love writing.

Blogging is no longer just a hobby for me now. It is a passion I intend to pursue even after my laptop surrenders from exhaustion. For now, it stays strong and steady as I write on until the wee hours of the morning with only the sound of my fingers on the keys to comfort and accompany me.

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