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Jul 26

God’s Answer to Racism

We have come a long way since the American Civil War and Apartheid in Africa. Yet, there is no denying that traces of racial discrimination still exists in most parts of the globe. Maybe the world needs a couple of more decades before every human being realizes that the color of our skin doesn’t make one better than the other.

While we continue to perceive that racial differences still remain a factor in politics or in other facets of our everyday life, God seems intent to show us that it has no place in this world. In Sana Hospital, Germany, Leo and Ryan were born on July 11, 2008 proving to the world that twin brothers can have different colors of skin. In a rare twist of genetics, Ryan had his father’s fair German skin while Leo inherited his West African mother’s dark shade. According to doctors, this type of twins are one in a million. The odds for a fertilized egg cell to split and separately acquire the genetic make up of each parent perfectly is so rare that the twins made headlines all over the world.

Though mixed-race couple Florence and Stephen were surprised by their twin boys, they say it was more important for them that both were healthy. Though there have only been a few like Leo and Ryan in the world, it is still God’s way of telling us that neither race nor color can deny that we are family.

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