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Dec 24

iPhone 6 Coming in May 2014?

iPhone 5 vs 5S
You just came from the Apple store and now excitedly unwrapping your new iPhone 5S. After configuring everything like your iPhone 5, you browse the net to find out how you can dress up your new toy, something stops you dead in your tracks — “Apple to release iPhone 6 in a few months.”  If you’re contemplating hitting your head with your new baby, don’t.  There’s probably no significant improvement with the rumored new iPhone — check out the difference with the iPhone 5 versus the iPhone 5S.

Samsung Flexible Display

No, it’s not going to have that curved display that Samsung has been floating around with the Galaxy Round.  But it is rumored to be bigger than any iPhone ever released.  Looks like Apple is trying to get in on the phablet trend — though unlikely to be as big as the Galaxy Note, it is said to be in the 5-inch range.  Rumors estimate the release of the iPhone 6 by May 2014.  Apple has never released iPhone models this close to each other and will most certainly affect the current sales of the iPhone 5S.

To fanboys and fangirls, this is a nightmare.  For someone like me, it’s just another excuse why I still haven’t bought my first iPhone — just heard the new one is coming out soon, will wait for it. :-))

Happy holidays  to everyone.  Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to us all!

P.S.  Thanks to Google for the Christmas gift — Certified Blogaholic is back to PR1!! Wooohooo!  To those so-called SEO experts who say that a PR Nada is a deathbed, find another freakin job . . .  

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Sep 26

iPhone 5 Scratches, Glitches, and Twitches

iPhone 5 owners complain of scratches and nicks after excitedly unboxing their new toy.

iPhone 5 Scratches

After waking up in the wee hours of the morning to queue on the Apple line for the iPhone 5, many customers were disappointed to discover that their unit was not flawless off the box.  Several consumers claim that their iPhone 5 had scratches on the aluminum back plate and the sides right out of the box.  On the other many more discovered that the aluminum back plate was indeed easily scuffed and scratched.  Apple SVP of marketing Phil Schiller responded by saying that any aluminum product will normally scratch and chip with use.

Aside from the aesthetic flaws, many users found out that their iPhone 5s were unlocked and can be used both for Verizon and AT & T.   Apple did admit that the phone was unlocked, but it could not be used overseas.  This meant that users can actually switch to the other network without buying a new phone once their contract expires.

Other complaints included problems with the Wi-Fi transmission and light that appears to be leaking out of the white iPhone 5’s power connector.  Of course, the biggest glitch that has already been reported way before the launch is the flawed mapping software of the iOS 6.  When Apple switched into their own mapping software instead of Google Maps, users have reported geographic errors and even towns that were not in their right locations.

Despite the glitches and scratches, there is still no denying the power of the iPhone over consumers.  It is still the most widely-anticipated smartphone in the world that has been talked about and rumored even years before launch.  Another gift that many users are still hoping to get from Cupertino is the rumored iPad Mini.  Whether Apple plans to give consumers a cool holidays remains to be seen.  For now, many are still content eyeing and fondling their new iPhone 5 to wonder what’s next.

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Aug 14

iPad Mini Rumored for Release this Fall

If recent rumors of the $249 iPad Mini are true, Apple’s new gadget may be the hottest item this holiday season.

Apple iPad Mini

With the successful launch of the Google Nexus 7, rumors of an upcoming iPad Mini grows even stronger as the holidays come near.  Despite doubts previously voiced by the former Steve Jobs about a smaller tablet, Apple may have decided to join the mini tablet bandwagon, especially with the success of Amazon, Google, and Samsung.  The Amazon Kindle Fire was surprisingly accepted by the market even with its limitations.  Just a few weeks ago, Google’s 16gb Nexus 7 was sold out while the market kept clamoring for more.  With the holidays just a breath away, can you imagine how a cheaper iPad mini will fare if indeed rumors are true?

According to Asian sources, the iPad Mini is slated for release on September 12, 2012 together with the much-awaited iPhone 5.  Price is rumored to range from $199 to $299, but many insist that $249 is the magic number.  Unlike the 7″ Nexus, the iPad Mini is said to be around 7.85″ but much thinner than the iPad 3.  Of course, it will be powered by iOS 6, but it will have an IGZO display rather than the much expensive Retina displays of the iPad 3.  Though not as gorgeous as a Retina display, the IGZO from Sharp is a close second.

Whether it’s true or just a dream for many, a smaller iPad would definitely be the ideal tablet for kids (especially for iBooks) and those who prefer a handier table to lug around.  However, the biggest come-on will definitely the cheaper price.  Though users of Android tablets will not admit it, most settled for the price.  Well, just a few more weeks and we’ll know if the dream of an iPad Mini is for real.

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