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Oct 10

W Magazine Cover to Show Angelina Jolie Breastfeeding

Word just got out that Angelina Jolie will be W Magazine’s November cover girl which will show a picture taken by Brad Pitt while breastfeeding one of her twins. She will wear a sleeveless top, opened to reveal only a part of her left breast and the baby’s hand. It is a black and white photo showing Angelina smiling with her brown hair cascading over her shoulder. The headline promises more exclusive photos taken by the proud dad.

Two years ago, Jolie caused a stir when she wore a white nursing bra underneath her tank top on the cover of another magazine after she and Pitt had daughter Shiloh, now 2 years old. Apparently, many people find it inappropriate to publicly present a photo of a woman breastfeeding her child. It really is a wonder how some people’s mind work. They make a big thing out of this, yet adult magazines proliferate with women baring their breasts to please men’s hungry eyes.

Just in case many have forgotten, breasts were naturally made for breastfeeding. Since many find it inappropriate, it may seem like there are more people who were neglected by their mothers and were not breastfed. As long as the picture was done in good taste, a breastfeeding mother represents the love and trust between a mother and her offspring. Most of us see this in other mammals. But the love and trust is never conveyed as well as humans — a mother tenderly holding her infant, caressing the baby’s hair, and smiling softly as she performs one of her greatest accomplishments.

Is it more acceptable to see a woman baring her breasts in adult magazines? These women posing nude usually take care of their breasts to keep it attractive to men — meaning that most of them refused to breastfeed their child if they had any or will refuse to breastfeed when they do have a child. It has been a common misconception that breastfeeding children will disfigure a firm and supple breast. To deem these women more acceptable is an outrage.

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