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Mar 08

Justin Bieber Collapses on Stage and Brought to Hospital . . . Seriously?!

Bieber concert

Been looking for some entertainment news to post and found myself getting really entertained I couldn’t pick which one to post.  Is it more fun to post about Demi Moore announcing that she will be getting alimony from Ashton Kutcher or the Justin Bieber collapsing during one of his concerts in London?  I decided to go with the spoiled kid.

After hearing about news on the Biebs smoking pot, dissing Pacquiao, and his break-up with Selena Gomez, it feels refreshing to report something about him that seems off-character, if not downright incredulous.  Apparently, he collapsed during a concert and had to be brought to the hospital.  Had they left it at that, I wouldn’t have found it news-worthy.  But press release went on to say that the Biebs didn’t  want to be brought to the hospital because he wanted to finish the show for his fans.  C’mon guys, seriously?

Just a couple of days ago, news broke out he was late for his concert, making fans wait for almost 2 hours.  Of course, he insists it was only 40 minutes.  The Biebs was getting bad publicity week after week.  Poor kid ( is there a text symbol for rolling my eyes?).  Anyway, playing the sick card would’ve been credible had they stopped before announcing his concern for his fans.  It was simply not consistent with a celebrity kid who was known to shout at fans ogling him or asking for his autograph.  And even less likely for someone who made paying customers wait for 2 hours to hear him sing.  I was actually looking for actual pics to go with this post — curious if he had his shirt on when it happened.

Anyway, just in case the Biebs was indeed sick from loss of breath, I do hope he gets well.  It would be a shame to disappoint crying teenage girls who felt touched that he was more concerned for their happiness than his own well-being.  Latest headlines did say he will continue with his performance even after being taken to the hospital for breathing difficulties.  So glad I have three boys — if I had girls, they would probably run away from home and prefer to be adopted by a better Mom who wouldn’t insinuate such awful things about Justin Bieber 😉

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Aug 17

Justin Bieber — One of the Youngest (& Hottest) Singers on the Rise

Since I am turning 40 this year, I’m trying desperately not to lose touch with what my teenage kids are enjoying. Aside from joining them in watching movies they like, I also listen every now and then to music they have on their iPods. Though some of them are difficult for me to relate to (like rap music), I do enjoy some of their hip hop and dance tunes. This weekend, they eagerly showed me a YouTube video of the latest teen singing sensation that has been capturing the ears and hearts of the younger generation. It was a video of Justin Bieber, a 15-year old musician who seems to sing with the soul of a veteran R&B singer.

My kids have let me listen to the music of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ne-Yo, and Taylor Swift. But Justin Bieber seemed to have caught my attention more than the rest because of his age. He still hasn’t made the Billboard Top 10, but I am pretty sure he will get there in time. His first single, One Time, debuted at number 95 in the Billboard Charts. However, most of his fans have already heard his songs from the YouTube videos.
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