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Oct 05

Apple Launches iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

As scheduled, Apple finally released the new version of its popular smartphone with the iPhone 4S.  Despite rumors going on around for months regarding the design and new features, the new iPhone was not as spectacular as anticipated.  Much of the upgrade was done under the hood while it actually looked exactly like its predecessor, the iPhone 4.  Here are the new features of the new iPhone 4s:

1)  Processor – It has Apple’s A5 dual core 1GHz processor together with a dual core GPU which is claimed to be faster and offers a graphic performance that is 7x faster than the iPhone 4.  Apple claims that battery performance is also better despite the more powerful processor.

2) Siri –  The feature that Apple has been bragging most about in the iPhone 4S is the voice assistant called Siri.  The iPhone 4s still has the same voice control feature as the older model, but Siri was made to provide information to the user with voice commands.  You can check the weather, a contact address, set a reminder, ask directions, or ask any type of trivia through voice command and Siri will deliver the relevant information you requested.

3)  Connectivity – It is now a dual band phone that supports both GSM and CDMA.  It is a very important feature for those who are used to traveling in various parts of the world where network compatibility may be an issue.

4)  Camera –  The iPhone 4S has an 8 mega pixel camera.  Still not as good as those offered by other smartphones, but it’s a good improvement over the older models and not as often requires the service of iPhone repair in San Diego, as before.

5)  Design –  It has the exact same dimensions as the iPhone 4 except that it is heavier by about 3g.  The most significant improvement in the design of the iPhone 4S is the fix on the antenna which Apple now claims has better reception and call quality.

The iPhone 4S will be available in black or white for pre-order on October 7 and on sale starting October 14 from US carriers AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.  Should you or shouldn’t you?  If it’s the first time you are planning to get an iPhone, it may be worth considering.  But if you already have an iPhone 4 or other models, there is always the promise of even better features in the next model — maybe an iPhone 5 with bigger changes rumored to be around June next year.   Here we go again . . .

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