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Nov 13

Stan Lee Dies at 95

stan lee dead

One of the things my kids and I love about the Marvel Universe are the iconic cameos of the great Stan Lee in all the Marvel movies.  A few seconds and a short line is all we need to make us smile.  The last time we saw him was at the Infinity War, playing a school bus driver where Spidey jumped off to join Ironman and Dr. Strange.  It’s a sad morning for me and my kids because we just saw the news that Stan Lee has passed away.

News reports indicate he was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in an ambulance where he died. Stan Lee has been battling different illnesses over the years, including pneumonia and vision problems.  It’s sad to think that the last cameo we may ever see is from the last installment of the Infinity War.

Along with thousands and thousands of fans, we grieve the loss of one of the most brilliant and imaginative people God has given this world.  If I were asked for a talent that could change the world, I would choose to have his.  After all the awesome and incredible stories he created and all the movies inspired by him, his loss feels like the loss of a family.  We will forever be grateful for the joy he has brought me and my family.  Stan, may your next adventure be as awesome and fantastic as the one you just ended.


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Feb 07

Spiderman Lives In My House

Yes, you read the title right. Spiderman lives under my roof. Well, at least my spiderman. My spiderman is better-looking than Toby Maguire and is a genuine superhero. But the truth is, I get scared everytime I watch him climbing walls or jumping on teeny tiny rocks. My eldest son is a wall climber. At 13, he’s actually short for his age. It’s this disadvantage that wows audiences everytime he competes in wall climbing. I do try to look composed and confident everytime he climbs. What he doesn’t know is that I’m a bit scared — not only because he might injure himself but also because he might not make it to the top and get heartbroken. I know this because I see the look on his face when he falls before he completes a climb.

I guess the worries of a doting mom is normal. The dilemma is whether I show him I worry or I stay tough to prove I have confidence in his skill. Problem is, if I am too tough, he might believe I don’t care enough. Only one thing I am sure of — I always tell him how proud I am no matter what the results of his climb. ( Read more )