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Nov 16

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Brings Twilight Movie Saga to a Close

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson play the role of Bella and Edward Cullen one last time in the Twilight Movie finale Breaking Dawn 2.

Breaking Dawn

As Breaking Dawn Part 2 is released to cinemas today, it draws to a close the most popular vampire movie saga from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight novel series.  It is considered a bittersweet day for so many Twihards worldwide — more so with the rumored reunion of on and off sweethearts Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.  While I remain skeptical of such reunion considering Kristen’s infidelity, let’s just say both Kristen and Rob realized that being together during this critical period would be good for their careers regardless of the outcome.  There are also rumors floating around that Robert Pattinson is just waiting for all the Twilight hoopla to die down and would eventually cut off ties with Kristen Stewart.  Whether that’s true or not, we’ll know in a few weeks — may be the longest weeks in Pattinson’s life if rumors are indeed true.

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Jul 22

Breaking Dawn Part 1: The Most Awaited Wedding

Breaking Dawn Part 1Finally, the most eagerly anticipated wedding of the year is about to happen in Breaking Dawn the movie.  The movie version of the final book in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, will be released in two parts — first of which is scheduled to be shown this coming November.  Breaking Dawn is the most important part for most Twilight fans because of the long-awaited wedding of Bella and Edward.

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Apr 16

Fans Await New Moon, Part 2 of the Twilight Saga

new-moon-posterFollowing the success of Twilight, the movie, fans now eagerly await the second in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reprise their roles as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, the star-crossed lovers in Twilight. For those who are unaware of the Twilight saga, Edward Cullen is a vampire who inadvertently falls in love with a human, Bella Swan. The story revolves around the unusual relationship between these 2 teenagers. Meyer’s novels have become a hit worldwide which consequently did the same thing for the movie, Twilight, shown last year. New Moon is scheduled for release on November 20, 2009.

Probably the most anticipated character in New Moon is Jane, a high-ranking guard in the Volturi clan, the ruling clan in the vampire world. The character will be played by no less than Dakota Fanning. I can’t wait to see how she portrays Jane, the vampire guard who has the power to inflict excruciating pain to anyone without even touching them.

While many anxiously await the official trailer, some fans can’t seem to have the patience and took it upon themselves to make one. Here is one of the better trailers I have seen in the web. This is not an official trailer, but it is just as good.

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