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Feb 08

Supernatural 300th Episode: Winchester Reunion

Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Emotional episodes are quite rare for the long-running Supernatural.  For its 300th episode, John Winchester (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) returns to spend a memorable dinner with his family.  What makes the episode bittersweet is that it gives John the chance to likewise spend precious moments with his wife Mary who died when Sam was still a baby.  The first time John and Mary see each other was absolutely touching.

My relationship with the tv series Supernatural is quite unusual.  I don’t go gaga over it and I certainly don’t think it’s something to talk about with friends.  But I still manage to spend time every week to watch an episode without growing tired of it after 14 seasons.  I am not really sure what it is about this series that makes it endearing to its audience.  It’s like an old pillow you’ve had for years but you do not have the heart to throw away. ( Read more )

Sep 20

Fall 2014 New TV Series — Which Will Make it Past Season 1

fall 2014 new seasons

It’s fall season again and for us TV fanatics, there is more to expect than the holidays or the cool breeze in the air.  It’s the time for new season episodes of the best tv series on air or the start of any new TV series that has the gall to compete with the best.  Which are the best?

Of course, the much anticipated season 5 of The Walking Dead is scheduled to start on October 12, 2014. Fans of the series (like me!) are dying to find out how the team will worm their way out of a sealed container van heavily guarded by what appears to be a group of cannibals.  I have faith.  And like Rick said, they have no idea the people they are dealing with.  Another one on the top of my list is the new season of American Horror Story.  This time it’s dubbed as Freak Show and the trailer shows really creepy characters I can’t wait to see.  Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates have made TV series top notch with flawless acting.  I wasn’t that crazy with the stories behind the past seasons’ Coven and Asylum.  But I believe the show will be able to redeem itself with this new story line. ( Read more )