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Apr 19

The Magic of Doctor Strange

As mainstream audiences are still going gaga over superheroes and villains, Marvel ensures that they take advantage with live action Hollywood movies of comic book characters coming out several times a year.  And one of the most awaited characters coming out this year is Doctor Strange.  They couldn’t have chosen a better actor to portray this mystical sorcerer than Benedict Cumberbatch.  Whether he is playing the villain Khan, the genius Alan Turing, or just being the voice of Smaug, Cumberbatch is an absolute powerhouse of an actor.

The trailer released last week teased fans with fabulous special effects that promised a movie as mind-boggling as Inception and action scenes no sorcerer in Harry Potter can match. All of a sudden, Tony Stark, Stever Rogers, and even Spiderman seemed stale.  I was no longer interested in the upcoming civil war.  I just wanted to see Cumberbatch  and his magic.  ( Read more )